Our History:

In 1945 an open air meeting throughout the month of August was conducted on the grounds that later became the sight of the Northside building. Lights were strung from poles, the audience sat in folding chairs, the pulpit was a low platform and the stars were the ceiling. During the meeting several new members were added to those already living in the north part of Athens. Several families began meeting in the Willie Bowers home on 9th Avenue, but it quickly became too small to accommodate the crowd.

This small group of brethren began construction of a building in the fall of 1945 and completed the building in the spring of 1946. It was a time of struggle and sacrifice to get building materials (being so soon after World War II). The men did most of the labor in constructing the building. The auditorium would seat 275 by opening doors to two classrooms in the rear of the building.

In the beginning there was no full time preacher but visiting preachers filled the pulpit from time to time until 1947 when Charles Chumley became the first full time preacher. Winston Brackeen preached from 1950 until 1953. Burl Grubb came to Northside as Minister in September 1953 and worked with the congregation in that capacity for 31 years, ending due to failing health. The first Elders were appointed in 1954. They were Clarence Bowers, Willie Bowers, Henderson Bullington and Bob Cobb. Homer Pack Sr., Roy Thornton and Thalcum Turner served as Deacons. Many others have served in these offices through the years.

By 1955 the building became two small and two Sunday morning services were being held. Consequently, in 1956 a new auditorium was completed that could seat approximately 550 people. Four new classrooms were also added. To prevent extensive indebtedness, pre-used theater type seats were installed in the new auditorium. These were replaced in 1961 with oak pews. In 1965 eight classrooms were added to the west side of the building. The small auditorium was added in 1972. Through the years extra land has been purchased to provide adequate parking area.
The building was remodeled in1997. New cushions for the pews, carpet in all the classrooms and the auditorium, plus two new restrooms and painting throughout making the building more comfortable and attractive.

The first directory was printed in 1964. It listed 484 members. Directories were also printed in1970, 1974, 1982, 1988,1994, 1999, 2002, 2006, 2010 and 2015.

Gary Kelsey preached from 1984 until 1993 and Roger Jackson from 1993 until 1999. Bud white has worked with the congregation since October of 1999 until the present.