Our Purpose:

We strive to adhere to the New Testament example as the final authority of what the church is supposed to be. We are an autonomous congregation independent of all others. Our elders oversee the work of our congregation independent of any external authority, except for that found in the word of God. We do not adhere to any man made creed or doctrine, but rather hold to God’s sufficient word as our standard of worship and living (2Pet. 1:3).

Our worship is not intended for the purpose of entertaining. Rather it is a reverent and simple offering of the heart in accordance with biblical guidance. We sing without the aid of musical instruments because the New Testament specifies this kind of music (Eph. 5:19). The Lord’s supper is served every Sunday, the first day of the week, according to the practice of early Christians (Acts 20:7). Prayers are offered during our worship (1Ti. 2:1-4). A biblical lesson is presented at each of our worship services. Our members give as we have been prospered each Sunday (1Cor. 16:1-2)